2nd Days of Digital Photogrammetry

The conference 2nd Days of Digital Photogrammetry, held by ECOGIS, took place in Chyliczki near Warsaw on 26th and 27th January 2004. The main topic of this conference was the complete "photogrammetric line by INPHO" presentation together with some additional applications. There was also a posibility to test the photogrametric scanner UltraScan 5000 by Vexcel Imaging Austria.

During the first day the new products of INPHO, as well as other software, were presented. The practical presentation of these applications was possible too.

During the evening the coctail-party was organized, which enabled participants to share their experiences. The last but not least event of this evening was a trip in beatiful night scenery of Zalesie Górne.

During the second day of the Meeting the workshops took place, which gave the opportunity to practical use of INPHO software as well as automatical aerial photos scanning with UltraScan 5000 by Vexcel Imaging Austria. After the lunch the Meeting was over and the participants received the certificates of attendance.

Logo konferencji
II Dni Fotogrametrii Cyfrowej