8th Days of Digital Photogrammetry6th Days of Digital Photogrammetry

On 22th-23th June 2010 took place the 8th Days of Digital Photogrammetry. This year we had the honor to host you in residence in Kurozwęki. Similar to the previous years, participants of a meeting have the chance to see the latest offer from company Vexcel GmbH, INPHO GmbH and IGI mbH.

In a free time we organized some other attractions outside the conference rooms.

Latest technology of Vexcel, thus
- UltraCamLp
- UltraCamXp WA.
- UltraMapV2.0 & UltraMap V2.1
- UltraMap AT

- how to process and analyze aerial triangulation processes even they are large
- how to do In-Situ camera calibrations
- how to efficiently create terrain and surface models with as less as possible interactive editing
- how to efficiently process, edit, filter large point clouds from LIDAR and MATCH-T DSM
- how to efficiently process large orthophoto projects
- how to efficiently modify orthophoto mosaics

IGI mbH:
- AEROcontrol
- DigiCAM
- LiteMapper
- StreetMapper


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