About M.O.S.S. GmbH

Ecogis Ltd is the only distributor of M.O.S.S. software in Poland.

M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH was founded in 1987. The company has about 60 employees. Customer support is available from the headquarters in Taufkirchen near Munich as well as from the subsidiaries in Dresden, Essen (CADMAP Consulting Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH). CADMAP is a wholly owned subsidiary of M.O.S.S.

M.O.S.S. is among the leading providers of automated data capture in the German language area. With high level of expertise in the field of raster data and OGC-compliant web solutions M.O.S.S. are dedicated to deliver exactly the product you need. M.O.S.S. has been an ESRI Business Partner since 2002 and received the ESRI Business Partner of the Year award for Germany and Switzerland in 2006. This award followed M.O.S.S. recognition by ESRI as New Partner of the Year in 2004. M.O.S.S. software design and services are tailored to the individual requirements of our customers in governmental agencies, companies in the public utility industry as well as telecommunications and industrial enterprises. More information on the website:

M.O.S.S.'s GmbH software

The innovative software package for your environmental tasks.
Powerful - totally data base based - infrastructure for the administration and distribution of raster data.
Program for automatic generation 3D buldings on the big areas. Module is designed for automated broad scale generation of 3D buildings with roof structures (Level of Detail 2) from building footprints, LIDAR point clouds and digital terrain models.
Universal system for wide range of data archivization and management (vector and raster graphics, text documents, internet web pages).
RoSy® and novaRoSy
Modern, hybrid editor (enables simultanous edition of raster and vector data). NovaRoSy is version for the ArcGIS.
Advanced system for recording, development and designing of the severage system. The module-based structure enables the step-by-step implementation. Number 1 in Germany. NovaKANDIS is based on the ArcGIS.

With all questions about M.O.S.S.'s GmbH software, please refer to email: or contact to the phone number: +48 22 649 25 55.