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Ecogis Ltd is the only distributor of Vexcel Imaging software in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Vexcel Imaging GmbH was founded in Graz, Austria in 1992 and is known as the manufacturer of photogrammetric devices. The one of the first products was the precision film scanner UltraScan5000. In May 2003 the digital large format camera system UltraCam-D was presented. In 2006 Vexcel introduced the new large format digital aerial camera system, the UltraCam-X. The same year Vexcel Imaging GmbH became part of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth business unit. UltraCam Eagle is the next generation model introduced in 2011. Based on its innovative construction in 2012 UltraCam Falcon camera was developed. 2003-2013 - 10-year anniversary of the UltraCam digital photogrammetric aerial mapping systems. First oblique digital camera - UltraCam Osprey ! On 19 February 2016 Microsoft UltraCam Business Unit was aquired by Vexcel Holding GmbH

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Digital airbone frame cameras

UltraCam Eagle
Large format digital aerial camera, 450 megapixels (2020).
UltraCam Falcon
Large format digital aerial camera, 136 megapixels (2020).
UltraCam Condor
Wide area mapping aerial digital camera, 190 megapixels (2020).

Oblique digital airbone frame cameras

UltraCam Osprey
Oblique digital aerial camera, 80 megapixels (2020).

Photogrammetric film/photo scanner

UltraScan 5000
Automated photogrammetric scanner, geometric accuracy of 2 µm.

Photogrammetric software (option for the camera)

UltraMap System
Complete and integrated photogrammetric workflow for UltraCam images.

With all questions about Vexel's Imaging GmbH products, please refer to email: or contact to the phone number: +48 22 649 25 55.

UltraCam-X UltraCam-X CIR UltraScan 5000